Arbo Vitaseal Expanding Foam Tape

Vitaseal 600 is an expanding foam tape (with a unique combination of a resilient foam and a water resisting binder), which combine to produce a “dry” pre-formed strip seal used to resist weather ingress in fenestration, roofing and construction applications. The result is a weather resistant sealant for water/air tightness, thermal insulation and noise control.


  • Perimeter seals for windows and doors
  • Back-filler
  • Roofing applications (Side/end laps on roofing sheets)
  • Weather resistant facade roof joint
  • Caravan and mobile home manufacturing
  • Timber frame buildings
  • Installation of roof lights or solar panels
  • Abutment seals for conservatories
  • Ductwork
  • Acoustic and thermal seal


  • Cut thermal bridges
  • Prevent water ingresses
  • Improves energy efficiency (low thermal conductivity)
  • Seals against uneven surfaces
  • Accommodates joint movement
  • UV resistant (good durability)
  • Do not distort the window frame (vs. expanding foam)
  • Fire resistant (self- extinguishing)
  • Quick and easy to install
  • BBA approved
  • Recommended by the NHBC

See the table below for Vitaseal 600 Sealing Performances

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