Structural Glazing

Arbo Façade Solutions partner with the global manufacturer of silicone polymers GE – Momentive to distribute their structural silicones in the U.K. and Ireland.

GE-Momentive has recently increased their manufacturing and technical facilities in Europe and their products will conform to the latest European standards. They are working with major aluminium system companies to obtain acceptance for specific structural systems.

Arbo Façade solutions can help you in the UK and Ireland with all aspects of your project to ensure the correct procedure is followed they will supply products direct from their factory in Derbyshire England and their depots in London and Manchester.


Advantages of Structural Glazing

  • Allows for broader architectural design flexibility
  • Increases the thermal efficiency of buildings, because the exterior exposure of metal framing is either reduced or eliminated
  • Reduces or eliminates water and air infiltration
  • Reduces the potential for thermal breakage of glass
  • Assists in the design of bomb proof windows
  • Gives solutions to building designs in earth quake zones and other severe movement applications.