Ultraglaze SSG 4400

UltraGlaze SSG4400 is a high-modulus neutral curing structural silicone elastomeric adhesive engineered for use in the fabrication and shop glazing of curtain-wall modules.

SSG4400 is a two component product (part A+B) that offers a fast & thorough deep-section cure. Uncured, both the A and B components are a thixotropic paste and when mixed cures quickly to a high strength durable silicone rubber adhesive & sealant at room temperature with primer-less adhesion to many substrates.


  • UltraGlaze SSG4400 is available as a “kit” consisting of an 189.3l in drum – A, 18.9l in pail- B curing catalyst. Both the drum and the pail are straight-sided for use in commercially available pumping equipment.


  • SSG4400A, white paste in 200l drum with a polyethylene bag liner.


  • SSG4400B, black paste mixes & cures to black rubber in a 20l polyethylene pail.


  • UltraGlaze SSG4400 is available in black