Arbo Sealants

As a dedicated sealant manufacture we are able to supply products to meet virtually any requirement and our in-house research and development facilities are able to taylor-make sealants for more specialized applications and for colour matching to order.

Product Categories

Glazing and Bedding Compounds
Traditional and modern. From Linseed Oil Putty made to BS544, to modern acrylic cartridge putty technology. From face glazing to unit bedding and mirror fixing to patch repairs.
Acrylic Sealants
For interior use. Water based products for a variety of interior applications.
Mastic Sealants
Traditional vegetable oil and rubber based products for both traditional and non traditional uses e.g. Concrete Garages, Timber applications, Ductwork, and Automotive
Silicone Sealants
Range from Acetoxy to Neutral cure, and low modulus to high modulus. Silicone sealants to cover a multitude of applications. Non Staining, Glazing, Sanitary, Metals, Perimeter Pointing, Concrete, Brickwork, Glass to Glass
Structural Silicone
World class products for world class projects. 1 and 2 part silicones available.
Modified Polymer Sealants
The next generation of sealants. From low to high modulus. Perimeter sealing, Lightweight and Heavyweight cladding, Floor joints, Stadiums, MRSA resistance.
Epoxy Sealants
Where only the strongest products are required. Prisons, Anti Pick, Swimming Pools, Heavy Duty Floor Joints, Factories, Manufacture of preformed joints.
Polysulphide Sealants
The UK’s largest producer of polysulphide construction sealants. 1 and 2 part systems available. Pouring Grade to Gun Grade. Expansion joints, Floor joints, Stadiums, Glass Balustrades, Carriageways, Airports, Sea Walls.
Intumescent & Fire
From Expanding Foam to Tape, Acrylic to Silicone. Independently tested. Proven acoustic insulation properties.
Polyurethane Sealants
1 part foil packed product. For floor jointing and expansion joints.
From glass to application equipment. For cleaning all manner of substrates and application equipment.
Preformed Mastic Strips
Butyl Rubber based products supplied on a reel. Wide range of sizes available for all manner of roofing, cladding, glazing and other applications.
Self Adhesive Foam Tapes
Compression sealants for weather and dust sealing. For use in glazing and draught seal applications.
From PVC Gap sealer to Expanding PU foam. Solvent based Grip Adhesive to solvent free adhesive. Masonry Water Repellent.
To ensure maximum adhesion with our sealants. Improves adhesion to a wide variety of porous and non porous substrates.
Caulking Guns, Nozzles, Knives, Scrapers, Glazing Blocks, G Clamps etc

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