Adshead Ratcliffe & Co Ltd have developed a new neutral cure high performence silicon product that does not adversly react with metal or lead substrates. Arbo Lead Seal bonds well to many substrates especially soft metals e.g. lead and brass. Arbo Lead Seal has been developed to provide an easy and effective alternative for sealing in lead flashings which require mortaring into brickwork or other construction materials.

Other typical applications are, roof and parapet weather sealing, weather sealing of pre-formed panels, can be used as an expansion joint sealant and cures to form a watertight,permantly flexible, durable seal

Adshead Ratcliffe & Co Ltd has successfully gained certification to the internationally recognised standard for environmental management, ISO 14001.

Adshead Ratcliffe & Co Ltd has successfully gained certification to the internationally recognised standard for environmental management, ISO 14001.

The award was presented by the business standards company BSI, following a series of independent audits and a comprehensive review of the company’s manufacturing activities at Belper.

ISO 14001 recognises those organizations which effectively address the balance between reducing their impact on the environment whilst maintaining the profitability of the business.

Steve Brown, Adshead Ratcliffe’s Technical Director said, “Our business has always taken environmental issues seriously – especially due to our proximity to one of Derbyshire’s few natural wetland areas and also the River Derwent – however it wasn’t until two years ago that we considered the benefits of formalising our management activities and ensuring compliance with such an internationally recognised standard.

The process has been a lengthy one but certainly worth the effort since it has yielded tangible reductions in waste, helped us improve our recycling, and enabled us to mitigate environmental risk in some of our activities.

ISO 14001 is a major achievement for our business, but this is only the start of the process. The standard gives us a platform from which we can continually assess our activities, not only from a profitability viewpoint but from an awareness of our impact on the environment. Without BSI’s support and guidance throughout, this project would have taken much longer to complete.”

Frank Reynolds, Product Marketing Manager for Sustainability at BSI said: “Gaining independent third party certification to ISO 14001 clearly demonstrates that Adshead Ratcliffe & Co Ltd is taking a best practice approach to being a sustainable organisation. The standard encourages an organisation to put its activities under a spotlight to ensure environmental impacts are minimised and provides a framework for delivering on-going cost savings and efficiencies. Adshead Ratcliffe & Co Ltd should be rightly proud of this achievement.”


ARBO Sealants (Adshead Ratcliffe & Co Ltd) attended the Retro Expo Exhibition at the NEC in Birmingham from the 30th of October until the 1st of November and with our co-exhibiting partners, the Blocksil Company, delighted many visitors with our flexible, cold pour silicone roof coating which is also suitable for gutter linings and many other applications.

Our motto for this is “If the product can line and protect cardboard tubes and boxes just think how good it is on a roof”

Also on show were our new development for ‘Asbestos Encapsulation’ and early developments into a brand new, very low viscosity, waterproofing coating product – the kitchen roll samples which were soaked in our new coating lasted the exhibition in better shape than we did.

We also displayed our new Future Proof Rodent Resistant sealant and our new ARBO Vitaseal Expanding foam tape.

ARBO Sealants would like to thank all who visited our stand and making it such a busy and worthwhile event.

ISO 140001

Adshead Ratcliffe & Co Ltd is pleased to announce that we have succesfully qualified for ISO14001:2004 certification.


Adshead Ratcliffe & Co Ltd will no longer sell glazing compounds in 25KG buckets

On grounds of Health & Safety we have decided that we will no longer supply some of our glazing compounds in 25Kg buckets, maximum sizes for these products will from now on be 10Kg buckets.

The products in question are Arboflex 500, Arbo Linseed Oil Putty and Arbolite Putty.

This change does not affect our Arbo UBC Bedding Compound



Arbo Facade Solutions have produced a handy site card which will be useful for the specifier estimator and contractor. It contains information on installation and details of quantity estimation of the Arbo façade epdm system. Continue reading