Who says that sealants are boring!

Adshead Ratcliffe & Co Ltd are proud to have been involved, in a small way, in helping an up and coming art student obtain a place at the Chelsea College of Arts.

Helen Lodge approached us at the end of last year asking if we would donate some sealants to be used in one of her projects. Helen explained that she was interested in exploring the relationship between painting and sculpture and between 2D and 3D. Helen likes pattern, repetition, form and divisions of space and wanted to investigate how they alter when underpinning structures are removed.

Her most recent work explored the materiality of silicone sealant as a painting and sculptural medium. Questioning what she would do with paint if it had the properties of sealant, Helen experimented with spreading and marking into the sealant and extruding it through different implements. Once cured she peeled the sealant off its supporting structure, taking the material through a process and then changing the space of the work to question whether it holds up.

Helen contacted us again in May to let us know that largely due to the sealant work in her portfolio she had obtained a place at the Chelsea School of Art. Needless to say that we congratulate Helen on this achievement and her hard work and we are pleased that she has agreed for us to display some of her artwork in our reception area later in the year.

Helen’s artwork can be viewed at


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