EPDM strip, with a fiberglass reinforcement and self-adhesive butyl sealant underlay.

ARBO® Easy Stick GS

Long lasting EPDM strip

Arbo Easy Stick GS EPDM is a long lasting EPDM strip, with fibreglass reinforcement and a self-adhesive butyl underlay, designed to provide durability and a watertight building.

Arbo Easy Stick GS EPDM is 1.3mm thick including a butyl backing that can provide a wind and damp proof membrane for construction buildings.

Supplied in 20 metre reels, 1 metre wide (that can be slit to size) and can be used for many construction applications including sealing window and door frames, cavity walls and roof gutters. The material is naturally UV-resistant, permanently flexible and resistant to extreme temperature variations. Due to the fibreglass reinforcement layer, the product is made even stronger and can handle movements in the building, with an expected lifespan of 50 years under normal conditions (EN 13967 / EN 13984).

Table below shows the available sizes.

Download ARBO® EASY STICK GS literature:


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