ARBOFLEX PU – Liquid waterproofing you can rely on

We are pleased to announce the launch of ARBOFLEX® PU Liquid Waterproofing for our roofing customers in the UK.

ARBOFLEX PU is a single component liquid made from pure polyurethane which, once cured, forms a seamless elastic membrane without any joints. The material properties of ARBOFLEX PU enable it to be airtight and waterproof on a range of substrates.

ARBOFLEX PU is ideal for refurbishments or new build projects, the range consists of systems and products that can be used in all areas of roofing. The membrane adapts to any surface such as uneven, curved or irregular.

ARBOFLEX PU has an extensive product range which includes a robust 225 gsm matting, a range of coatings such as UV Protect which adds to the durability of the waterproofing system. ARBOFLEX PU UV Protect is highly resistant to UV light. As a result, a 20 years product warranty is offered. The system is BBA certified.

This system is ideal for flat roofs, but can also suitable for balconies and walkways.

The complete ARBOFLEX® PU range includes the following products making it a very versatile range suitable for a variety of applications and projects. The range includes – Accelerator, PU Sealant, Slip Resist, Thickener, Translucent, Primer.

Liquid waterproofing is the latest addition to the flat roof waterproofing solutions in the UK.

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