ARBO – Arbomaster Warranty Scheme

As an industry icon, Adshead Ratcliffe has always been first in the field with new initiatives, products and services and the ArboMaster Approved Applicator Scheme is yet another example of our commitment and investment into the industry.

The unique ARBOMASTER WARRANTY SCHEME is designed to ensure that all sealant work is completed to the highest standards in line with the recommendations provided in the Egan Report “Rethinking Construction”, using best practice standards endorsed by the Association of Sealant Applicators and the British Standards Institute in BS8000 Part 16.

Following the scheme reduces any unnecessary maintenance costs which could occur owing to poor workmanship or the selection of the wrong product.

This scheme is suitable for major projects and gives an extra layer of quality control from design to completion and utilises our technical services, laboratories and technical representatives to provide you with a complete sealant package for the whole of your building.

Once accepted your project drawings will be reviewed, joint design confirmed and substrates requested for adhesive testing, we will issue specification and method statements and at the same time provide you with a list of suitable Approved Arbomaster Applicators for competitive quotation purposes.


When an Arbomaster has been appointed and work commences we will carry out site inspection and issue reports on the quality of workmanship. On completion of the contract we will issue a 10 year warranty.

Alternatively if you are an Approved Arbomaster Applicator, and are engaged in winning a project you can offer the Arbomaster scheme to your customer and by notifying ADSHEAD RATCLIFFE & Co Ltd about the project we will again offer the Arbomaster Warranty Scheme adding value to your tender bid.

The Arbomaster Approved Applicator will receive an impressive package
of support from Adshead Ratcliffe including:

  • Recommendation from Adshead Ratcliffe to clients, designers and architects
  • Unrivalled technical support
  • Access to new product formulations designed for specific jobs
  • Colour matching services
  • Laboratory analysis facilities
  • Substrate testing services
  • And a dynamic marketing and PR package

For further information about the scheme contact
Adshead Ratcliffe & Co Ltd on:

T +44 (0) 1773 826661
F +44 (0) 1773 821215