As of January 31, 2017, the US group CARLISLE® has taken over 100 percent of the shares of the British manufacturer Adshead Ratcliffe, a subsidiary of ARBO® Holdings Limited. This company specialises in the production of construction and industrial sealants. With 75 employees it achieves an annual turnover of circa GBP 11 million. The product range complements the European group’s portfolio very well in view of the planned growth strategy, especially in the field of Sealing Solutions.

Throughout the British building, glazing and construction industry, Adshead Ratcliffe is respected by architects, contractors and craftsmen for its high-quality industrial sealants and their versatile applications. The in-house research and development facilities at the Belper production site in Derbyshire are able to tailor-make sealing solutions for individual customer requirements. Products and customer structure fit perfectly into CARLISLE® CM Europe’s newly established business unit Sealing Solutions. With this unit, the company strives to achieve its ambitious growth objectives and to position itself as a systems supplier.

„Products and Values Fit Perfectly Together“

Duncan Kirkwood, Managing Director CARLISLE® Construction Materials Ltd., explains “Adshead can look back on a 158-year success story. This is why the company is a perfect addition to our European group. Our individual country subsidiaries have roots which go far back into the 19th century. We have very similar company cultures and the same understanding of premium quality and excellent relations with all our stakeholders including customers, business partners and suppliers. In my view, this is the key aspect for a successful merger. We will be able to learn a lot from Adshead regarding products and customer requirements.“

Martin Blunden and the other Directors of Adshead Ratcliffe & Co. Ltd. affirm “We are pleased and proud to be part of the CARLISLE® CM Europe group. We are ready to embrace the new commercial opportunities that joining the European EPDM market leader brings. Additionally, this will also enable us to access new markets. Together we can now offer the best sealing solutions to our customers.“

CARLISLE® Companies Buys Arbo Holdings Limited

In the pic: L to R: Mr. Martin Blunden, Mr. Roger Sheehan, Mr. Duncan Kirkwood and Mr. Julian Miller

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