Project Overview

ARBO Sealants are a market leading sealants sold worldwide. In UAE, ARBO range of products are sold by our authorised distributor – Pearl Tech Trading. ARBO range of products including fire rated tapes are installed in large commercial buildings such as hotels as it is ideal for places with a large air conditioning system.

Here are a selection of different projects that were carried out in Dubai (UAE) that utilised our products. They were used to fulfil all different kinds of projects from hotels to resorts to museums, all of which were atheistically pleasing and the final designs looked incredible. Pictures of all the final projects are shared in a gallery below.

Our ARBOSEAL INTUMESCENT STRIP and ARBO XL1075 were used in all the projects carried out. The intumescent strip is particularly useful as it is fire proof and this is vital when producing a large construction that would be susceptible to fire.

The XL1075 sealant is also highly effective as this sealant is used to go around the duct work to prevent any leakages or gaps in the project, making it weather proof. This sealant is also extremely fire proof and can prevent smoke and fire from getting through for up to 4 hours. Arbosil XL1075 has excellent adhesion to a wide variety of common construction substrates without the need of a primer.

For more information about both products please follow this link to our product catalogue

Construction Panel

  • Fire proof Arboseal Intumescent Tape.
  • ARBO XL1075.