Arbo 2020
Arbo 2020

ARBO® 2020

Epoxy Sealants

ARBO® 2020 is a unique three – part epoxy sealant, which cures to form a flexible, hard wearing seal with good resistance to traffic loads.

ARBO® 2020 has good adhesion to concrete, many metals, glass and many other common construction substrates and can be colour matched to most colour requirements.

ARBO® 2020

  • Three Part Flexible Epoxy Flooring Sealants


  • Sealing/resealing of joints in factory floors/process areas.
  • Sealing of floor joints in damp (not wet) areas.

Not recommended

  • High Movement Joints.
  • External Use.


  • Concrete Grey
  • Maize
  • Oatmeal
  • Stone
  • Red
  • Light Brown
  • Buff
  • Black
  • Special Colours by request

Download ARBO® 2020 literature:

Product Catalogue

ARBO® 2020 Datasheet

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