Arbo 2172 Primer
Arbo 2172 Primer

Arbo Primer 2172


For use with Arbosil 1081 and other Arbo sealants as specified

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ARBO® Primer 2172

Suitable ARBO® accessories:

FR-Reflective Vapour Control Layer (VCL)

FR-Vapour Control Layers A Flame Resistant & Reflective VCL It is designed for use as a high-performance vapour control layer and air leakage barrier. Suitable for use in facade and roof applications including any insulated wall. These membranes are highly effective in high moisture area and come with a B-S1-D0* rating.   *Valid for substrates…

ARBO® Linseed Oil Putty

Glazing and Bedding Compounds

ARBO® Polymer Putty

Glazing and Bedding Compounds


Glazing and Bedding Compounds