Arbo 2172 Primer
Arbo 2172 Primer

Arbo Primer 2172


For use with Arbosil 1081 and other Arbo sealants as specified

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ARBO® Primer 2172

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ARBO® SST ARBO SST is a specialised load-bearing PVC foam tape, designed to act as a spacing element between the IG (insulated glass) unit and frame during the assembly of structural glazing fabrications. Recommended for use as a spacing element in structurally glazed fabrications. ARBO SST forms an effective short-term bond between the frame and…

ARBO® Linseed Oil Putty

Glazing and Bedding Compounds

ARBO® Polymer Putty

Glazing and Bedding Compounds


Glazing and Bedding Compounds