UK Launch of ARBO Fire Retardant Tape

Adshead Ratcliffe is proud to launch fire retardant rolled sealant tape – ARBO® FR-RS FIRE TAPE exclusively in the UK. The innovative new tape is one of its kind in the UK. The tape is aimed at high rise commercial and residential buildings and tower blocks especially over 18 metres high, to protect and control the façade from fire and water.

Current UK building regulations state that only fire rated cladding is permitted for use on commercial and residential buildings, designed in conjunction with the positioning of fire cavity barriers, to reduce the spread and speed of flame within the cavity behind the cladding in the event if the fire reaches the exterior of the building.

ARBO FR-RS FIRE TAPE can be applied to various materials such as glass, steel, concrete, stone, wood, aluminium and the adhesive bonding grows stronger with time.

Steve Brown, Adshead Ratcliffe’s Technical Director commented “The disaster at Grenfell and the subsequent Hackitt review is leading to widespread changes within the construction industry.  We are pleased to introduce Arbo Fire Tape as the first product from us that starts to address some of the issues regarding combustibility and flame retardancy.”

He adds “Our UK based dedicated R&D department will continue to innovate and add further products to our already varied range to meet the ever changing regulatory framework”.

In addition to the fire retardance quality the tape also offers air tightness and stops any water ingress from door and window frames.


In order to prevent fire spread due to fire penetration from the façade as far as possible, fireproof seam seals are a decisive factor. To reduce fire penetration we offer the innovative ARBO FR-RS FIRE TAPE with a high quality elastomeric modified butyl tape (in grey colour). The tape has fire class B and creates airtight and fire-safe detailing around the window and door frames.

European testing has determined how products respond to heat and the extent to which they contribute to a rapid expansion of a fire. ARBO FR-RS FIRE TAPE showed no flashover in any of the tests and a very limited contribution to the fire. Simply put the product can be qualified as “very difficult to burn” by these test results.

In addition to the flammability (fire class), the classification for smoke emission and burning droplets is also determined. Burning drops are a direct danger to people including rescuers and for the creation of new fires in other places.

A distinction is made between different classes in which ARBO FR-RS FIRE TAPE obtains the highest classification resulting in low smoke emission and no production of droplet formation as a result of burning parts.


Air tightness plays a significant role in the energy efficiency of buildings. By limiting the leakage of heated/conditioned air from buildings, it is possible to reduce energy consumption and costs.

Air tightness, air leakage or air permeability all refer to the infiltration of cold/hot air into the building and/or the loss of heated/cooled air from inside through gaps, cracks, holes, etc in the building.


 In addition to being fire retardant, one of the additional feature of ARBO FR-RS FIRE TAPE stops any water ingress from the door and window frames.

Given the issues with repeated water ingress, it is essential to  prevent water ingress in building façade.

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